Back in the Saddle

P1000884_2Let me be perfectly honest: I cannot ride a horse. But I do enjoy a smooth camel ride, a preference I share with my protagonist, archaeologist Grace Madison, in When Camels Fly and The Brothers’ Keepers.

Now that the holidays are over, I’m climbing back into the blog-writing saddle while finishing the draft of book 3 in the Parched series. (Yee haw!)  With the help of talented professionals, I’m strategically narrowing my blogging focus so that it reflects the truly amazing and bizarre world I inhabit.

That means no more blogs about the writing process. Plenty of people do those well, and I’m happy to leave writing about writing to them. I may post updates on my work-in-progress because I’m super-excited about Grace’s next adventure in the Near East, which I hope to release in January 2016.

P1030540I’ll post blogs about religion: yours, mine, and theirs. Opinions about archaeology and women’s issues. And posts about environmental stewardship, particularly when it impacts other topics that are important to me—like the Red-tailed hawks soaring outside my office at this moment, or the mountain lion that left her calling card outside the front door. (For the record, be very afraid of the mountain lion. She is a creeper in the fatal sense.)

My goal is to post a blog a week, but never more. And I’ve also begun a monthly newsletter to highlight special offers, sample chapters, global developments—what’s happening in my world.

As always, I’d love to hear from you. Let’s make 2015 spectacular by living vigorously and sharing joy!

(Please note that the e-book of The Brothers’ Keepers is about to end an Amazon exclusive listing, and is $1.99 through February 7.)

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