In January I began a manuscript of commercial literary suspense, preparing to move into general market and out of Christian fiction. My faith is as strong as ever, but it was time to make the transition to a more inclusive market segment. This move is something that my original literary agent and I discussed for several years. My God has many facets; one of the beauties of Christianity is that all believers are uniquely created in His image. I write books that depict that diversity and have found a new home for them.

In July FOURTEEN fine literary agents in New York reviewed Art of Deception. SEVEN agents provided unsolicited editorial comments on the first fifty pages—highly qualified and discerning input! THREE agents offered representation. In August I chose a the perfect agent, and she’ll start shopping the work to publishers next week.

I attended Thrillerfest while in the Mecca of Publishing, absorbing more than at all the other conferences I’ve ever attended combined. Spending a whole day, with nine other authors, learning from NYTimes-bestselling-author Steve Berry was the highlight of the conference. (And tea at the Plaza Hotel, a NYC tradition, was the highlight of my stay! As was, err, a short trip to Bergdorf Goodman.)

Now I’m taking a couple of weeks off before beginning the second book in the series. I’m excited about the long synopsis from which I’ll be working, and hope to finish the draft by the end of the year. That means early 2019 will be a time of editing and polishing.