The last couple of years have been all about refining Lynn’s craft and transitioning from one part of the market to another. She’s taking a break from conferences and classes through 2019 to apply what she’s learned.

Her new general-market agent is shopping the first work in a fresh series now. They’re getting fabulous input and a number of requests (well more than a dozen) for the full manuscript. Lynn is 60-percent finished with the second book in this series, which she’ll finish in January. Editing begins then, and is never-ending.

After a quick April trip to confirm facts and settings, Lynn will begin working from a short synopsis for book 3. It’s a “closed-house” manuscript in a locale that she hasn’t seen in thriller, and she’s looking forward to digging in. Lynn plans¬† to complete book 3 by the end of 2019.

She’s also planning to rework a three-book series for general market. The heroine (her second of three) will be a good break from the current series, which dips into international thriller. Lynn looks forward to stepping back into a purely domestic manuscript.