The last couple of years have been all about refining Lynn’s craft and transitioning into general market. She’s taking a break from conferences and classes through 2020 to apply what she’s learned and evaluate her backlist of seven manuscripts.

In the meantime Lynn has adapted a work of international suspense after returning to her beloved Middle East last fall, where she investigated a new angle on an old story. It’s in the hands of a very capable editor now, and Lynn is riding out the pandemic and awaiting those comments. She’s also dusting off a holiday manuscript, preparing for a research trip to Europe in ’21.

And because Lynn’s protagonists are familiar with a roll cast, contemplate the dry-versus-nymph dilemma (but they prefer dry flies!), and can handle a Beretta shotgun, she’ll hunt upland game birds in Idaho and quail in Georgia with her husband in the fall. She’s also returning to the international shipping lanes just south of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula to fish with her adult daughter in late July.

So little time, so many adventures . . .