Month: January 2019

2019 (Largely Literary) Goals

2018 year was a banner year. On the professional front, I resigned one agent in June and signed with another in August. Resigning was the right thing to do, and I’m delighted with my new agent. She’s responsive, smart, completely professional, and very well respected. Then I completed the first book (which she’s shopping now) in a domestic-thriller series, and started the second.

In my personal life, our youngest graduated with her masters in International Policy/Economics in November and her law degree in December. We now have two fine young attorneys in the family (three if you count our daughter-in-law), and we’re officially a couple again—albeit a couple with outstanding legal counsel.

I go through several red pens on each manuscript.

Looking into ’19, I’ll finish the second book of the new series by the end of February, then grind it through a tough edit cycle. (I love edits.) In April my daughter and I will travel for two weeks, confirming details of the second book and researching the third—a “closed-house thriller” in a unique venue. (I’m quite excited about it.)

From late spring through October I’ll polish the second book and draft the third. I’m also looking forward to revising a three-book domestic-suspense series (that my beta readers liken to Louise Penny’s work—I’m honored) written in 2016/2017. My backlist contains seven unpublished manuscripts.

I love camels. They are so . . . spirited. And they make me look good.

In November I’ll spend two or three weeks in the Middle East, primarily Israel and Jordan, possibly Egypt. I’m looking forward to returning to the region, climbing in and out of archaeological digs, absorbing the sounds and sights and flavors of one of my favorite parts of the world. The trip is related to my writing, but it’s too soon to share more.

The garden in late July. There’s no place I’d rather be. Except maybe the golf course. Or a river, with my Loomis GLX (fly rod) in my hand.

Today I’m hitting the cross-country ski tracks, trying to blow out cobwebs left by a nasty holiday cold. Cross-country skiing will pepper my schedule until the white stuff melts, then golf, fly-fishing, and gardening seduce me from the computer. Book club, which I’ve attended for almost fifteen years, remains a constant regardless of season, as do opportunities to serve in my small mountain community.