Month: June 2020

Birth of a Poppy

I’ve had my eye on this young lady for a couple of weeks. She’s been hanging out by the steps off of the front terrace. Although I checked on her every day, her adolescence took forever.

But this morning, when I stepped out with a cup of hot tea, I discovered that she was blossoming! Poppies open quickly, particularly when the sunshine hits them, so I popped outside every few minutes to check on her. Twenty minutes later she was a full-blown floozy.

I love these little hairy caps. As the blossom inside expands, they
rise up the petals until they finally fall off.
Look at the crinkly petals starting to appear! And there’s a white filament of some
kind along the edge of the hairy pods. Maybe it protects the petals?
Isn’t this just beautiful? The texture of the petals looks like a ballgown.
In full sunshine, now that the rays are over the ridge at the top of the berm.
What a beauty!
And like the best women, she’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside!