Thankfulness is a Gift

P1010258Tomorrow is Mothers’ Day.

My youngest graduated yesterday from one of the toughest schools in the country, with a degree in Geological Engineering. My son won his first court case. I published When Camels Fly. And we celebrated our 27th anniversary.

Nine pink peonies — my favorite flower — are blooming on my desk. It’s snowing (okay, that part is NOT so good). And I am … relieved.

I’m not celebrating Mothers’ Day, I’m celebrating Mothers’ WEEKEND!

And I am thankful. For my eighty-something parents. Twenty-something daughter, son, and daughter-in-law. Mr. Wonderful. Extraordinary people who use their gifts, live honorably, and make the world a better place—especially when the going gets tough.

As I catch my breath today, after seeing those I love leap tall buildings in a single bound, I am telling them how proud I am of them. How thankful I am that they surround me in this journey called life. And in their honor, I am saying prayers … of thanksgiving.

Take the time to do the same. Encourage those you love. And if you haven’t already, call your mom. She is thinking of you.

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