Count Your Blessings

IMG_6646 2Our house is about to be invaded…by grown children.

For a week, we’ll be in a whirlwind. Cross-country skiing. (Downhill for the brave.) Hot cocoa on the back deck, clustered around a roaring, snapping fire pit. Too many cooks in the kitchen. Fine meals both at home and out. Long conversations and plenty of hugs to reconnect with those we love.

In the midst of these festivities, we’ll break for the candlelight service on Christmas Eve at our small mountain church. We’ll worship and give thanks in the company of our congregation, celebrating the birth of Christ.

But in the quiet before our celebrations, I’m focusing on my blessings. My faith and freedom to worship. A warm house and the full pantry. An income stream. Our health. My parents’ elderly vigor. The family’s education. Each of you. The exciting prospect of 2014.

I pray this season is one of great blessings to you. And that you have a thankful heart. 

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