Kayak the Amazon


My following has just crested 50,000, spans 26 countries, and is populated by amazing people. I am so thankful for a cyber-family whose adventures sometimes exceed my own.

One among this tribe is on a grand journey. She’s kayaking the Amazon River from a newly discovered source near the peak of Mount Mismi in Peru. From there, she’ll paddle down the Apuimac River on a 4,225-mile journey that includes Class III, IV, and V rapids, and 3,800 miles of downriver sea kayaking. I cruised the Amazon in March (which some of you might remember) and will highlight that country next year as I complete the third manuscript in my series.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear now, though: I would NEVER kayak the Amazon.

My Amazon sunset photo. My Amazon sunset photo.
Poison Dart Frog
Poison Dart Frog.

Anacondas (“Miss Annie,” according to our guides). Tarantulas. Poison Dart Frogs as colorful as precious stones. Caimans. Piranhas. Do I need more reasons to avoid these waters in anything smaller than the Queen Mary 2? I think not. But she’s out there, paddling away as I respect her spirit, courage, and resilience from the comfort of my office chair, perched safely in my hermitage atop America’s Rocky Mountains.

I highly recommend you share this journey investigating one of few remaining unexplored parts of our planet. Her blog link is below.

http://bit.ly/1bfKgww (Kayak the Amazon blog)

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