Rare Mini Blog — Walk This Way

I crystallized a thought summarizing my writing goals. Drum roll, please…

Regarding generations of younger readers, I have to meet them where they live — as citizens of the world. I need to be positioned to shine light on the Christian path somewhat different from the one I walked, or that I’m on, and diametrically different from that of many Christians in my generation.

The younger ones are fundamentally conditioned to reject anything unappealing, a byproduct of being raised as the center of the universe. (Think about it. Even worship styles have evolved to meet their needs. Would you like smoke machines with that chorus? And fat, soy, or skim in your latte from the Starbucks kiosk in the church lobby?)

Unless we broaden our scope, the market for our work will become continually smaller. More thickly insulated until all that’s left is the choir behind us as we preach write.

Do we have the courage to change, expand, risk? To be truly engaged in the world, but not of it? (How much money do we leave on the table by ignoring this demographic?)

Only God knows, and only time will tell.


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